Calm before the storm

And I don't mean to be ironic by writing that the day that Sandy is hitting the East Coast (stay safe, folks!)

October is the month I take off from doing shows so that I can stock up for my holiday shows (starting Saturday, I will have half a dozen shows before Christmas).  It's both good and bad timing that I had a flurry of new ideas that I had to get "on paper", but it sure keeps things interesting in the studio!  In addition to my same ol' same ol's (buckles, mini pendants, coasters, platters etc), I have cute little ornaments (about 2" square - won't weigh even the dantiest of branches down and make great gifts!)

and also a bunch of one-of-a-kinds, which have been a blast to work on (and aren't currently available on my website).  I'll have a good selection of the new (as of this summer) freeform bowls in tiny (~4"), medium (~7") and big (~13") plus brand-spaking new art pieces that are about 6" tall and can be hung on a wall or in a window.  I have six designs, all screen printed in two colors with some hand-painted accents, in designs ranging from my version of the Chicago Skyline, Calaveras and Sacred Hearts, to Mermaids, Swallows and Maneki Neko's (good luck Hello Kitty). 

Check out my show schedule here, all are great opportunities for your holiday shopping.  Looking for a holiday discount?  I'll have all functional goods (all but the artwork) marked 15% off at my holiday open studio in Oak Park.  Can't make it?  Watch my Facebook Page for a coupon code good for 15% off - Saturday only - at 

Remember to keep your money at home by shopping local and handmade this holiday season!